What Is Holistic Nutrition?

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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic medicine is a return to the basics, a way of looking at nutrition and health by exploring the quality and appropriateness of the food in comparison to the individual body’s needs. In recent years, science has had a hold on the civilized world, and food manufacturers use this knowledge to persuade consumers to purchase their goods rather than use the medical wisdom passed down through generations.

In this shift towards feeding our family’s bodies what is appropriate to health needs, seasonal, and of good quality, why not look at your pets’ food needs in a similar light? Different animals have different diatary needs, but the basic idea is simple. Feed them good quality, hormone-free, organic, healthy foods optimized for their unique species and they will have an infinitely better chance of living a longer, healthier life.

Just like humans, each animal is uniquely different, and will have individual optimal diets. Food grown in the best environment possible produces the best nutritional basis for a healthy diet. Sage works with Master Organic Gardener, Adrienne Daniel and Qualicum Country Farm to supply you and your pets with incredibly high-quality, nutrient-dense foods.

The following words are key:

Natural - Un-processed or un-refined foods (whole grains).

Alive - Contains live enzymes (sprouts).

Good Quality - Grown in nutrient-rich soil free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

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