Diet and Autoimmune Diseases

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Diet and Autoimmune DiseasesAuto immune diseases:  Where the immune system mistakes host cells for invaders.

More commonly recognized autoimmune conditions include:

  • Arthritis
  • Hyper- and Hypo-Thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Addison’s disease
  • IBS (Irritable bowel disease)
  • possibly Parkinson’s disease

These diseases are all consequences of the immune mechanisms gone awry.

The Immune System:  A complex system influenced by bone marrow produced stem cells that become whatever cell the body requires. Some stem cells become B-cells and others, after the influence of the Thymus gland, become specialized fighter cells known as T-cells. These cells patrol the body and gather at strategic sites such as the spleen and lymph nodes to form an organized stand against invaders.

The invaders are protein molecules called antigens. The antigens can be opportunistic bacteria, or virus cells, seeking an imbalanced or weakened site where they can lodge, compromising the integrity of the body system. Antigens have there own separate identity which is determined by their unique sequence of amino acids. To be effective, the immune system gathers its fighter B and T cells, then creates a blanket that forms a mirror image of the antigen which completely engulfs and destroys it. Once the immune system has created this mirror-image blanket of fighter cells, it retains the sequence pattern of the invading amino acids. The immune response mechanism is now equipped to quickly recognize and effectively deal with any repeat invaders. They will be less debilitating in the future if they’re not dispensed with before symptoms even occur.

Given the right circumstances, this wonder of nature can go awry and turn on itself. This is common to all auto immune diseases and is where diet and nutrition play a key role.

Some invaders resemble the host’s cells so closely that the engulfing antibodies (fighter cells) can get confused and attack their own kind. It appears as if the antigens which trick the host body into initiating an immune response may well come from the food ingested. For example, protein is intended to be broken down into unique amino acids during digestion. Incomplete digestion can make it possible for a complete protein molecule to enter into the blood stream before it reaches the small intestine. Once in the blood stream the ever-patrolling fighter cells engage and trigger the immune response mechanism to destroy what appears as an invading bacteria or virus cell.

Without sufficient appropriate enzymes to fully break down the foods, the autoimmune response mechanism can become the initiating factor that quietly becomes the reason for the cascading effects resulting in any of these full blown debilitating auto immune diseases.

Targeting effective digestion is a key component in the Sage diet. Raw proteins, cultured /fermented nutrient-dense vegetables provide exceptional digestion, added enzymes, superior full spectrum nutrition, and probiotics to enzymatically cleave the nutrients, delivering optimal vitality and longevity.

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  • Hey guys great article.

  • Cool blog,looking to communicate

  • Autoimmune diseases are common in dogs and it is deadly that slowly weakens your pet from inside. Since it lowers the immunity power of your dog, it is recommended that you should plan out a pet nutrition that provides antioxidants, which can be gained from fresh food.

  • Thank you Pet Nutrition, for stopping in for a read, and taking the time to deepen the understanding for all. It is a conversation we very much like to support! In the Sage Cultured Vegetables, some components provide particular lignans that have been shown to protect the liver by activating the enzymes in the liver cells to produce the master antioxidant glutathione. Antioxidants can be found in the color pigment of foods, as well, the ferment in studies has been shown to produce another master antioxidant SOD ( superoxide dismutase ). Eating the rainbow colors of organic fruit and vegetables and herbs, provides a synergy of absorbable nutrients that nourish the function and support the immunomodulating effect.
    The Sage Bison Bone Reduction also, very much supports the mucosal lining in the intestine, and offers great support when challenged by a leaky gut and or poor absorption issues. It too, encourages the production of Glutothione and is classic treatment in a Chinese medicine model for many digestive / autoimmune challenges.

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