Sage Bison Bone Reduction

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Sage Bone Broth Reduction

Sage’s New 20-Hour Bison Bone Reduction: Hormone Free, Organic, Non GMO, and Gelatinous Rich. Featuring Kale, Collards, Celery, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Turmeric, Cayenne, Spirulina, Liver, and Proprietary Herbs. Supporting bones, joints, soft tissue, skin and cardiovascular function. Improves comfort and health.

As nature provides the antidote for all maladies, science is making great strides in understanding much of the complexities that fuel the body’s function.

The consumption of a part of an animal’s body being good for the same part of your own body is an interpretation of Homeopathy: Like Cures Like.

A holistic, species appropriate diet for your pets should include this understanding in the form of a balanced, organic whole food that mimic the appropriate natural prey diet.

The consumption of quality whole foods (plant or animal) universally contains a safe and balanced blend of antioxidant, because all living organisms use them to prevent oxygen damage.

2759_464660823606522_588503781_nAt Sage, we address the issue of many dogs and cats not receiving the nutritional benefits of raw bones with our Bison Bone Reduction. Our reduction, made from marrow and knuckle bone, provides the entire group of essential fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, K1, K2, Proteins, Complex B, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Lecithin and Methionine. Sage’s 20 Hour Bison Bone Reduction supports immune system, brain, growth and development. We have formulated not only a safe alternative, but a nutrient dense supplement, that thru synergistic nutrients and proprietary herbs known to influence anti-inflammatory action, provides building blocks of collagen proteins which maintain and help rebuild where needed.

In situations of repair and healing, it is important to understand that the process of collagen formation is severely hampered when the body is experiencing inflammation. Inflammation disorganizes the strands of collagen forming the repair, and greatly slows the process. Collagen formation is very complex; without all the many processes aligned in the body for allowing collagen strands to intertwine and bind properly, scar tissue, stretch marks, the supple flexibility of tissue, can all be hampered, leaving the tissue weakened and susceptible to irregular bumpy mounds, or deep pits with more disfiguring results.

The gelatinous blend found in the Bison Reduction is rich with the entire extended family of joint building molecules known as glycosaminoglycans. Individual members most commonly found in supplement, such as glucosamine,  chondroiton sulphate, or hyaluronic acid, lack the synergistic support of the whole food source. The processed supplements don’t hold a candle to a gelatinous rich broth.

906165_472108972861707_534473217_oGlycosaminoglycans will naturally adhere to collagen anywhere in the body, moisturizing all layers of the skin, helping the tendons and ligaments stay supple, and generally keep the body looking and feeling younger.

These molecules attract up to a thousand times their own weight in water which coats the joints and tissues in electrically charged clouds, transforming ordinary water molecules into a protective layer of super lubricating fluid.  This is a wonderful preventative strategy against the calcification process in the aging body. This is superior support for active animals, growing animals or those limited with the discomforts of arthritis.

With a better understanding of the complexity of the collagen producing process, we formulated a recipe and strategy that best delivers the full utilization of not just the nutrients of marrow and knuckle bones, but also synergistic nutrients the research shows to encourage via, Bio-transmutation (where the body combines two or more nutrients to produce another different nutrient) production of it’s own master antioxidant, Glutathione. After the body receives adequate amounts of this combination of nutrients, it then (if needed), produces the glutathione, believed now to be a key to turn off the body switch responsible for chronic inflammation.

Nutrients that encourage stem cell production, are also formulated into the reduction and are important for the accelerated healing process.

The slow, long reduction time is known as hydrolytic cleavage. Twenty hours at gentle heats acts like a hacksaw, so the water molecules neatly chop long tough protein strands, pull apart connective tissue, and release the entire family of glycosaminoglycan molecules. Overcooked meats or cooking with excessive heat traps these flavorful nutrients in a matrix of mostly indigestible  protein strands, denying the body of much of these vitality and longevity properties.

At Sage, our intention has consistently been to provide a superior, all-natural, species-appropriate, heritage nutrition that fuels effective function. Holistic (from the Greek, “holo”, meaning whole) also takes into consideration  the individual. Whether human or pet, we all have our own unique strengths and challenges which can derive great benefit from supplementation with the appropriate absorbable nutrients.

Sage Bison Bone Reduction – Another industry first, fueling effective function.

Bulk and specialty orders welcome

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  • Customer Comments:
    After repeated surgeries for blockages from foreign objects, we are so relieved to have this product to ensure a good source of bone nutrition we can no longer risk supplying. Our older dog unable to chew bones anymore, loves this. This is a great product!

    Holistic Vet: This is classic therapy for soft tissue healing in Chinese Medicine. We are excited about that.

    Our Vet is amazed how quickly she is healing. I am shocked! We are so excited to bring your fabulous products to our cutomers. Thank you so much for supplying such wonderful products for all our pets.

    This is so smart! I don’t give my dogs bones, they make such a mess. We do agility for fun, I will feel really good about giving them this product to help keep them active and healthy.

    We have two, working, giant size dogs. We are excited to find this product to assist in the prevention of repeated stress injuries. The older dog is far less stiff and sore, the younger dog now getting the critical support in building strong bones and injury resistant joints and soft tissue. Thank you for doing what you do.

    I am so grateful I met Liz! After a year of coming back from what was a death sentence , with a mast cell tumor, the fermented vegetables was an important part of this recovery. The Bison Reduction will help provide added support to her growing body to help make up for the first year of being so sick. Brenda J.
    ( Sage Comment: ) Brenda J. My hat is off to you!!! The quality of life you continued to provide, the massages and alternative care, keeping up her spirits, you continued even when told there was only 3 months to live, your love and commitment is the most wonderful example to all. Nikki’s Journey is on Facebook for all to see. We are humbled and grateful, to have played a part in your miracle girl. Looking forward to hearing of your Nationals Agility experience this August.

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