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The Sage Difference

Feb 12, 2012   //   by Sage Pet Foods   //   Blog  //  4 Comments

Sage Pet Foods
Sage is raising the bar in effective pet nutrition. Your dog and/or cat will quickly feel the advantages!

Fermented produce, super foods, sea vegetables, and a proprietary blend of herbs and probiotics naturally all in one, with raw quality hormone free proteins, organic fruits, berries, herbs and health enhancing spices.

The Goal

To provide an ancestral diet, as close to authentic as possible with the added advantage of the latest researched backed nutritional breakthroughs. To address what I believed was most negatively influencing the health of our modern day four legged family members.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that is what we at Sage strive to provide. Food as Medicine. The latest nutritional strategy designed to fuel all body systems, supporting effective defenses against a world of off gassing modern materials, poor to non-existent nutritional standards for our pets, busy stressed household environments, support against the ravages of our modern world, the increase of disease, a decrease in life expectancy. The writing is on the proverbial wall, but by the grace, and the closest innovation in pet food advancement to address such drastic decline has been the Raw diet.

The research bares out the advantages of a Raw diet; my own personal experience erased any lingering doubts. Personally, I couldn’t get past the frozen vegetables, still it did not deliver the full nutrient potential of quality grown food. My research into my own healing and that of senior family members introduced me to, among other things, the health enhancing properties of fermented foods. The fermenting process broke down cell walls exposing nutrients as well as producing some vitamins and allowing for double extraction of some health supporting herbs. But most importantly it’s easily assimilated in the intestinal tract to quickly and effectively deliver to the body systems.

Next was to supply the highest quality of naturally grown fruits, berries and vegetables, to provide a full spectrum of nutrients. Keep it as local as possible to support our community, and provide the local immunity wisdom of our own produce to best address local health challenges. The hundred mile diet.

Based in natural strategies for health, our food choices, in the five element health theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine target and provide energy to effectively fuel the function of each organ and body system. This makes it very simple, provide optimum easily assimilated nutrients that fuel the body, and the body will strive to achieve as nature intended, Balance and Homeostasis.

The new Science of Epigenetics now shows us that the vitality and health of living cells does not depend on the nucleus or DNA , but the environment of the cell. The environment of the cell is determined by the effective function and nutrition of the membrane of each cell.

Longevity now (according to the research) is understood to be a result of Telemere length and the nutrition that support and effect it. Quantum Sciences are providing many insights and strategies for the challenges of todays world. At Sage, we continue to invest in research and development for the benefit of all our family members, and recognize with sincere and deep appreciation, the many gifts of being a proactive pet parent.

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Holistic pet foods lovingly prepared on Vancouver Island, off the West Coast of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, by Elizabeth Ireland.