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Sophie, my best pal, is 10 years old.  She has struggled for years with colitis.  She often had tummy troubles with bloody diarrhea, so was lethargic and out of sorts much of the time.  She rarely played.  We found that she is allergic to many foods, so her diet is very specific. A few months ago Liz gave me some fermented vegetables and suggested yogurt to help heal her system.  I began giving her a tablespoon of fermented vegetables mixed with some goats yogurt every morning.  She happily laps up the mixture.  After just a few weeks, I noted her system was much more settled and she could handle the odd food that normally would have set her off.  She now will chew on her bones, and run and play, which she had not done in years.  People think she is a puppy.

Thank you so much Liz.

My dog, 5 years old, was diagnosed with liver disease in March this year. Her liver is shunting and 1/20th the size it should be. We went to the Tree of Life clinic and have been on a diet of steamed fish, carbs and veggies and raw beef, Chinese herbs and meds. She kept losing weight even though I increased her food portions, she was just bones and emaciated. Liz gave me a small jar of her cultured vegetables and within a week of adding them to the food (1 TSP per meal) my dog started to gain weight. When I went for a checkup to the clinic and told Dr. Erika what we had changed in the the diet was only the cultured vegetables she asked what was in them. I showed her the list Liz had given me and she was impressed. Since that visit we have continued with the same diet and meds and my dog’s weight has increased from 16.2 to 19.5 pounds. She no longer looks emaciated and althogh she tires quickly she is no longer lethargic and is able to go for outings. Her quality of life is much improved, even if her disease can’t be cured.

I can’t thank Liz enough.

Halo, our 5 year old Labrador Retriever, is our pride and joy. Her sensitive digestive system and numerous food allergies have posed challenges in selecting an appropriate food for her. We ourselves are holistic-minded and always seek out the most nutritious and natural choices in our own diets as well as in those of our animals. We’d read that commercial dry dog foods are “dead” foods, and hence we’ve been preparing natural “real” food for Halo from the beginning. Over the years, we’ve experimented with many ingredients and methods of preparation, including cooked fish with brown rice, and bison “muffins” with vegetables and fruit. Halo’s feet were still breaking out with red sores, so we researched further and concluded that we needed to remove all grains from her diet. We also became convinced that the most natural diet for dogs is a raw food diet. We decided to convert Halo to a raw diet, which initially consisted of meat such as bison or lamb, commercially pre-packaged and frozen.

Then, we met Liz. We were immediately impressed by her extensive knowledge of animal nutrition, digestion, and assimilation. We rushed to try Halo on Liz’s raw food. The diet incorporates a variety of protein sources which may be rotated, and vegetables which are cultured for maximum absorption and improved digestion. Preparation is simple; just mix a cup of protein with two spoonfuls of cultured vegetables. After only two months on Liz’s diet, Halo’s feet are completely clear, she has unbound energy, her eyes are clear and bright, and she is playful and probably the happiest we’ve ever seen her!

The quality of the food is excellent, by far surpassing any other we’ve tried. Our goal is to provide Halo with a long, healthy, happy life, and we are convinced that the best way to achieve this is through optimum nutrition. From our experience, you will not find a better pet food than Sage.

We’re forever grateful, for the wonderful food Liz has created. We’ve finally found something that really works!
Louise, Penny… and HALO

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